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Experience our innovative Quit Smoking Breakthrough Program. Let go of smoking easily through the power of hypnosis. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to be a non-smoker in all situations, to be empowered and gain health and vitality.  No cravings, no desire, no withdrawal.

Today’s society demands a smoke free environment. It’s no longer cool to be seen smoking. Children are now telling their parents and grandparents to quit so they will be around for them much longer.

*Most clients become a non-smoker as they enter the Hypnosis room. Our Hypnosis and NLP Quit Smoking Program reinforces all the reasons you have for being a non-smoker for the rest of your life. Imagine your life now as a non-smoker with no internal battles of wanting/not wanting to smoke. How good is that? No desire….

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Be committed to attend your booked sessions; practice the self-hypnosis techniques; listen to any take home CDs; take 100% responsibility for your desired outcome in being a NON SMOKER IN ALL SITUATIONS, and focus on what you want.

In order to prepare yourself for the program, imagine how good life will be as a non-smoker in different situations – home life, socialising, your daily routine, traveling and so on – as a non-smoker. Let yourself enjoy a pleasant fantasy or daydream about what it will be like.

Say goodbye to your last cigarette, then get rid of all your cigarettes, ashtrays and other smoking associated items – , throw them away, clean out your car, get ready to be breathing fresh, clean air.


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Jane Fielder is an accredited member with the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.

Qualifications: BSc; Grad Dip Soc Sc; Dip. Clin.Hyp.; Cert. Master NLP, CMAHA
Private Health Fund Provider NHRA Reg. No . CM 0612525


The Dangers of Binge Drinking: Why You Should Choose Hypnotherapy Adelaide with Adelaide Hypnosis Centre

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate a special occasion – say, a graduation, or someone’s birthday – with a drink or two. Maybe, because you’re not alcohol-dependent, you believe you don’t have a drinking problem. That’s not necessarily true.

When you do drink, if you have more than 5 drinks in a row, or in less than 2 hours, that’s known as binge drinking – and it can be just as bad as alcohol dependence.

First, though, why is binge drinking bad? There are several reasons:

  1. Binge drinking can lead to alcohol dependency. The more you drink, the more alcohol-tolerant your body becomes. This means that you need to drink more to feel the same buzz. It’s a downward spiral of destruction, especially since trying to stop drinking often causes withdrawal symptoms.
  1. Alcohol poisoning is a high possibility. Drinking too much affects your reflexes in a bad way and, unfortunately, those affected include breathing. The gag reflex is also impaired in some people. The gag reflex helps prevent choking, which means if it doesn’t work well, you could die from choking on your own vomit.  Other signs of alcohol poisoning include blurred or double vision, a drop in body temperature, low blood pressure, and low blood sugar concentration.
  1. Intentional and unintentional injuries. When you’re drunk, your coordination is affected, so you’re more like to accidentally burn yourself, fall over, or – worse – crash your car.  Also, because of the alcohol, reasoning and logic is impaired. Something that seems like a good, even logical idea may well be something that leads to physical harm for someone. In other words, if you weren’t drunk, you would have dismissed the idea.
  1. There are many long-term complications associated with binge drinking. Stomach cancer, high blood pressure, kidney damage, and alcoholic hepatitis – these are just a few examples. The growth of the brain structure can be affected by drinking too much, and drinking excessively could impair memory function and visual-spatial skills, to name a few.

That doesn’t yet include the psychological problems that can arise from binge drinking.

This is why it’s important to seek help earlier, rather than later. The sooner you address your tendency to binge drink, the less harm is done to your body; the sooner you can be healthy again. Hypnotherapy to help with binge drinking, especially when employing a holistic approach – such as with Jane Fielder’s approach – can help stop binge drinking in its tracks.

Whatever your real reason for binge drinking whenever you go out, hypnotherapy can help you uncover it, accept it, and move forward so that that past event no longer affects you negatively. Hypnotherapy can also help you build your confidence, so that you don’t need to rely on alcohol to be confident whenever you attend social events.

It will take some time, of course – your binge drinking likely started out gradually, so overcoming it will be a gradual process, too. * However, there are sure to be improvements from just your first session of hypnotherapy at Adelaide Hypnosis Centre, so you can look forward to being free of alcohol’s grip.

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