Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Nowadays. many people know that being overweight – or worse, obese – has a big, negative effect on the body. The increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, to name a few, isn’t surprising news, though it’s still sobering and concerning.

However, there are other, often hidden ‘costs’ to weighing heavier than normal, and the sooner that extra weight is shed, the better for you. Many people have actually found weight loss hypnotherapy Adelaide to be effective.

As if you didn’t need more reasons to lose weight, here are a few of those previously unknown difficulties, and even costs of being overweight.

1. Loss of productivity at work.
It’s a fact that overweight people take more sick days than people of normal weight. However, obesity can lower productivity even when that person reports to work.

On average, obese people see themselves as 30% less productive, for various reasons. These reasons include reporting to work even when they feel poorly. After all, in today’s economy, the cost of living is higher overall, so losing work days is less appealing.

2. Breathing is more laboured.
There are two kinds of fat – subcutaneous fat, which lies under the skin, and visceral fat, which surrounds internal organs. This last is more dangerous, as it can put additional pressure on the organs. For instance, it could press on the diaphragm from below, making it harder for you to breath since the lungs can’t expand as much.

3. Heartburn is more likely.
That burning sensation just behind the breastbone that starts in the chest and could spread to the neck or throat? A study in 2005 showed that it’s more likely to occur in obese people than it is in people of normal weight. A possible cause is that the stomach gets pushed further into the chest than it usually would be.

4. Joint pain is a reality.
You likely already know that if you’re overweight, you tend to experience lower-back pain more often. This extra pressure that extra weight puts on your core muscles also affects your joints, especially your knees.

Since your knees bear most of your weight when you’re upright, those excess pounds are particularly burdensome. The damage done is akin to that caused by arthritis and, besides the pain, the range of motion eventually decreases.

5. You won’t enjoy sex as much.
Fat cells release certain inflammatory chemicals, which cause damage to the nerves in the penis. In women, these same chemicals attack blood vessels in the clitoris, so that you’ll barely feel anything down there when it comes time to be intimate.

6. Clothing is more expensive.
Plus-size clothing uses up more fabric, since they need to cover a bigger area, so they cost more than regular-sized clothes. This means that, not only are you spending more on medical bills and on food, but you’re also paying more for your wardrobe. This makes it harder for you to save that much-needed cash.

7. There’s a higher risk of depression.
A combination of social stigma and physiological factors, like the brain’s neurons shrinking and becoming misshapen, can cause depression. Fortunately, hypnotherapy for weight loss can address both your weight issues, and nip depression in the bud, so you can deal with two problems at once.

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